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At Paddle Richmond we always check the river and weather conditions before we go paddling. This means checking temperature, wind, tides, river flow and more. On this page, we've collated all of this useful information into one page so you can make sure you find everything you need to know before getting on the water in Richmond. If you want to know even more about how we plan our own paddle board trips then you can read our guide to paddleboarding on the Thames  or our paddleboarding equipment listbefore getting on the water.  Or join one of our River Safety classes...


Wind direction and speed are probably the first thing you should think about before getting on the water. Remember to plan more time for any return leg into the wind!

This chart shows the Windy App and the current wind conditions in Richmond. Windy is free to download to your phone.


At Richmond we get a period known as 'half-tide'. Richmond Lock closes it's sluice gates two hours after we have our  High Tide and they don't open again until two hours before the next High Tide. This means that whilst the rest of the Thames has moving water, we usually have still water - like a pond on a summers day, and perfect for beginners.


Inexperienced paddlers should avoid going out in the 4 hr window when the tide is moving at Richmond, or when there is high flow from rainwater.


Last but by no means least, you should always check the weather before you go paddling. Look at the air temperature and remember this will feel much cooler if it is windy on the day. 

Rain isn't too bad if you have the right jacket on, but never get on the water if there's a risk of thunder or lightning.


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