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Learn Paddleboarding Videos

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Lockdown is keeping us off the water, but it doesn't mean we can't take a little time to remind ourselves of some key paddle skills. We've collated some great videos that will help you keep your paddle skills fresh during lockdown. Just remember, these videos are all filmed in different conditions, on different types of water. When paddling on moving water, with lots of obstacles (like the Thames) we recommend you always wear a personal flotation device, never wear an ankle leash, and only wear a waist leash if you're a confident paddler.

This video from Robert Stehlik is a great guide to getting you up and paddling.

This one has not only great advice on paddle technique, but a great checklist on what you should take on a paddle day trip

And finally, just because you can't get on the water it doesn't mean it isn't time to improve your core stability. Get yourself on an indo board and start working on that balance! I've definitely got one in the loft somewhere, so it's time to get rummaging!

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