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Paddle Richmond SUP Shop

We only sell boards and equipment that we have tried for ourselves, so you can buy from us in confidence, safe in the knowledge that you have a quality piece of kit that will help you make some amazing memories!


For river use we usually recommend touring boards that are 11'6 to 14' in length, and vary from 28" to 34" in width.  Longer and narrower is faster!  Wider is more stable...  


Shorter 10'6 all-rounder boards are great, but are probably better for the beach, for kids, or playing in white water!

FREE Quick Release Waist Belt with every board purchased! On top of all the amazing kit that comes in a standard board package, we are now including a SUP Panda QR waist belt. This attaches to your ankle leash cuff and creates a safe, easy to use quick release waist leash that can prevent entanglement when paddling, and can be swiftly removed if needed. 

Gladiator Paddleboards

We're proud to be retailers of the full range of Gladiator boards. These boards lead the way in innovation, performance & construction, all whilst retaining Gladiator's core value of affordability. With 3 ranges offering 3 budget options, all of them with a 3 year warranty - Everyone can join the SUP adventure!


You can see the reviews of Gladiator's boards here. Or you can check out the Gladiator website to see their full range.

We always hold some boards in stock, and we can have any board from the Gladiator range delivered either to our site or direct to you within 24-48 hours. If you aren't sure what board is right for you, you can always chat to us for some friendly advice,  or book a demo session first. 


For more info, email us via, or call 020 3488 1785.


Gladiator Pro 12' 6" Touring 

A versatile and stable touring board, with cargo straps, carry handles and robust construction. Ideal for taller paddlers, or those looking to go on an adventure!

Just £549


Bits and Bobs!

All those things that you forgot you'd need to pack before you went paddling

We try and stock all of those little essentials that you tend to forget about when planning a trip. A dry bag for your wallet and car keys? We've got them.

A strap for your sunglasses? Taken care of. A floating waterproof case for your phone? Don't mind if we do. A waist leash attachment - not just a ideal for paddling on the tidal Thames but a potential lifesaver - we've got just the ones you need.


All of our accessories are available to purchase at check-out when you book a paddle session with us, or you can email, or call us on 020 3488 1785 to see if we have what you're after. 

SUP Panda Quick Release Waist Bel

Attaches to any ankle leash cuff to make a safe quick-release waist belt. Crucial for those who want to paddle on moving water.

Just £15.99



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